Kellogg's Puts a Unicorn on Breakfast

By Gary Cutlack on at

Kellogg's has come up with a new way of selling processed sugary cereals to children and adults of a childlike disposition, with a pictures of a unicorn now stuck on the cover of a limited edition run of the company's "Fruit" Loops cereal.

Hence it's now called Unicorn Fruit Loops, a breakfast sensory overload that's currently available exclusively through ASDA if you're not too embarrassed to put it in your basket. And yes, there is indeed a press release from Kellogg's that takes it all very seriously, with UK brand manager Michaela Mayoh saying: "The appeal of limited edition character takeovers on pack and embracing current trends is something that works well in store and is popular with our consumers." [Kellogg's via Metro]

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