Kodi Speaks Out Against Trademark Trolls

By Kim Snaith on at

On their blog last week, the Kodi team spoke about 'trademark trolling' and announced it's planning to fight back against anyone using the Kodi name to make money.

The technology of Kodi software has been around for a while, but until August 2014 it went by the name of XBMC. Since that name change, the company has had to deal with a number of people registering the trademark of 'Kodi' in a bid to make money from their success without doing any of the legwork.

Since 2014, a number of individuals have registered Kodi in countries outside of the US. While some of these 'trademark trolls' have willingly given up their trademarks back to the rightful owner, the company called out one particular individual in Canada who refuses to voluntarily hand it over.

Geoff Gavora owns the Kodi trademark in Canada, which means that anyone who wants to sell any hardware using Kodi must pay him a fee to use the name. The company's sponsor, Minix, has been delisted from Amazon as a result of Gavora's trademarking. Considering that the Kodi Foundation was set up to ensure that the software is free and open source for anybody to use, it's a big problem.

Kodi's blog post explicitly says that they will no longer sit back and let these trolls take their trademark. They will be actively taking action against anyone attempting to claim the Kodi name for themselves, and while they expressly say court action has always been something they've wanted to avoid, "if that time comes", they won't back down. [Kodi.tv]

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