Latest Dennis the Menace Makeover Turns Him into a Generic Pixar Teen

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's time for the previous generation to get angry about minor tweaks to something they stopped giving a toss about 30 years ago, as the makers of the Beano have revealed a massive reworking of lead bad boy Dennis the Menace.

The rethink of the appearance of the menace has come about because of the modern world, with new 3D/CG animated TV series Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed starring the made-over Dennis. He's like a teenager now, with an expressive face, YouTuber hair and eyes the size of pork pies. And good lord, look at the STATE of Gnasher now:

Blunt teeth. Smells of dog shampoo. House trained. Chipped. Vaccinated. Obedient and almost certainly both physically and metaphorically castrated. He won't be biting anyone. It's not going to be like the plotlines of the comics in the 1950s, when Dennis was routinely beaten with an axe handle by his dad and called a worthless piece of shit by his mum at the end of every strip.

The good news for the future perceptions of the kids is there's a black girl and a girl nerd in a wheelchair in this new, shiny, inclusive, non-menacing Beano universe...

...although the makers say they've taken the liberty of de-Britishing the setting and backgrounds a little, to make it easier for the programme to be sold around the world. Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed will appear on CBBC in the near future. [Beano via The Times]