Local Elections Test ID-to-Vote System

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government is acting on the problem of voter fraud — even though it doesn't seem to ever really happen or be much of a problem — by testing a system that requires voters to produce a form of ID before being handed their ballot papers.

The trial will cover the local elections in 2018, which will make the idea of voting in a local election even more boring by requiring ID in the polling station. Local councils in Woking, Gosport, Bromley, Watford and Slough are volunteering to be the first in England to try the system.

Northern Ireland's been doing it for years, and apparently there have been zero reports of people pretending to be other people in polling booths since photo ID was required there from 2003.

Minister Chris Skidmore said: "The current situation of people simply pointing out their name without having to prove who they are feels out of date when considering other safeguards to protect people’s identity. It is harder to take out a library book or collect a parcel at a post office than it is to vote in someone’s name." [GOV]

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