London Planners Urge Return to Prefab Housing

By Gary Cutlack on at

The London Assembly planning committee has told the mayor he needs to embrace prefabricated housing -- or offsite manufactured homes to give them their rebranded modern name -- in order to meet the city's future housing demands.

The planners say [PDF] that prefabricated homes or pods or whatever you call them nowadays are vastly better than the maligned units that necessarily blighted the country in the post-war period, and if the mayor was to put together some sort of standards and design code that could make the buildings acceptable to look at, live in and be surrounded by, they could help the city meet its housing needs for the next 20 years.

Planning committee chair Nicky Gavron said: "These buildings are high quality and outstanding in terms of performance. Their construction is more environmentally-friendly than traditional construction methods and they are a far cry from their prefabricated predecessors. Few will disagree that using vacant public land to build homes quickly and with less pollution and disruption could be great news for London, tailored to demands at every price point." [London Assembly via Construction Index]

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