Met Police Tests Hydrogen Powered Scooters

By Gary Cutlack on at

Seven lucky mounted police in London have some new rides to play with, as the city's Met Police is trialling a hydrogen-powered scooter of (a) justice and (b) ecofriendliness.

The zero-emission hydrogen Suzuki scooters output just a bit of water from their pipes, and are on loan to be used by Police Community Support Officers in the city. They offer 11hp of welly and should be good for a range of 75 miles, which might be good or bad for a little scooter. We have no idea.

It's not costing the city anything, as they're loaners and fuelling costs are being covered by the Advanced Propulsion Centre -- a collaborative industry and government fund investigating clean energy developments.

The Met's Neil Jerome said: "We are thankful to Suzuki and our partners and look forward with optimism about this trial. Through collaborative partnerships and innovative testing such as this, we can gain real-life experience of how we can progress our ambition and create a cleaner fleet that will benefit London and the service we provide." [Met Police]

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