More Bike Sharing for (Part of) London Launches Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

The patchwork map of bike sharing schemes in London is about to have a new section coloured in orange today, as Chinese bike-dumper Mobike is unleashing a batch of machines in the borough of Ealing.

There's quite a few of them on the way too, as Mobike says it's about to put 750 of its orange and silver bikes out and about in the area, with a grand launch planned for Acton Market Square at 11:00am this morning. There will be competitions and prizes, they say, plus the chance to ride one of the bikes when it's brand new and hasn't been abused by any locals or stained by diesel fumes.

Mobike's system is relatively simple. There's an app, it shows you where bikes are, you pay a small bit of money and the one you're looking at magically unlocks. Then off you go, slowly realising you aren't as fit as you thought you were and, Jesus, the roads are worrying. [Mobike]

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