Morrisons is Doing Vegetable Selection Boxes Now, and They Only Cost £3

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days if something is even remotely popular then you can probably get it in some sort of box with a bunch of similar things. Vegetables are far from the exception, since boxes of random seasonal produce have been available for several years. They can be pricey, because it's all organic, locally sourced, all natural, paleo, gluten free, and super-vegan.

Now, though, Morissons is doing a vegetable box of its own for the low, low price of £3.

Well actually it's doing three boxes, but the 'Wonky Veg' box is still £3. Also available is the Organic Box (£8) and British Veg box (£5) for those times when you refuse to eat any of that foreign nonsense that travelled thousands of miles in a shipping container. Wonky Veg will, naturally, come with imperfectly shaped produce that people won't buy - even though it tastes exactly the same.

Each box contains eight seasonal vegetables, and on average weights four kilograms. They went on sale in-store yesterday, and will be available for home delivery from 2nd October. Each one apparently has enough veg to feed a family of four for a week.

So now you've got a nice affordable way to buy a fuck-load of veg. Just make sure you don't let it all go to waste. [London Evening Standard]

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