NES Classic Mania to Return in 2018

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nintendo, in one of those news bursts it issues occasionally, has addressed the thorny issue of the NES Classic. It's going to be manufactured again, with the miniature retro machine hitting the shelves, and the eBay listings of scalpers, in the summer of 2018. Nothing was said as to why it can suddenly start making them again. Just be happy about it.

The gaming company also said that the Super NES Classic Edition, which was supposed to be a limited run that would only be sold in 2017, has been so popular with pre-orderers around the world that it's to be sold into 2018 as well, AND there's going to be more in the launch batch now, so there's no need to go panic-buying someone's ordered unite for double the RRP. You just need a little... patience.

Although the announcement was made by the US wing of the company, Nintendo Europe has echoed both statements online, so it's all happening here, too. [Nintendo]

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