Netflix is Showing Star Trek: Discovery with Klingon Subtitles

By Tom Pritchard on at

One of the advantages of streaming content, rather than watching it on live TV, are the improved options when it comes to language. If you load up a series on Netflix you can often change the audio to watch a dubbed version, or at the very least you can watch it in English with foreign subtitles. Star Trek: Discovery is no different, but there is a special set of subtitles for the alien warriors out in the world.

The streaming service, which has exclusive rights to the latest Trek series outside of the US and Canada, has decided to include Klingon subtitles. Perfect for any Trek nerds who actually understand the native language of Qo'nos, or anyone else wanting to brush up on the native tongue of the children of Kahless.

Though, naturally anyone who can't speak Klingonese is going to struggle without switching the subtitles back to English in the first two episodes' many Klingon-centric scenes.

This particular features seems to be exclusive to Netflix, and is not actually available to people watching on CBS All Access in the US. While the whole series hasn't been dubbed into tlhIngan Hol, Netflix has released a special trailer in the language to show people what that might look like.

There are some spoilers in this video, though, so avoid it if you've yet to see the first two episodes.


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