New Uber Rival Taxify Suspends London Operations After Three Days

By Gary Cutlack on at

International ride-hailing provider Taxify has been forced to stop its operations in London, at the behest of TfL. And it only started taking bookings from the public on Tuesday.

It's all a bit too random and out-of-a-bedroom for Transport for London, which said of Taxify: "The law requires private hire bookings to be taken by licensed private hire operators at a licensed premises, with appropriate record keeping. Taxify is not a licensed private hire operator and is not licensed to accept private hire bookings in London. TfL has instructed Taxify to stop accepting bookings and it has done so."

Taxify is trying to make that sound like a mere formality to be quickly ironed out with a few official looking letters, explaining: "TfL have a responsibility to Londoners to make sure there is a competitive ride-hailing market in the capital that strengthens incentives for operators to improve quality and safety while also bringing the overall cost down for customers. Taxify's model does just this having achieved significant breakthroughs in over 19 markets around the world, and we look forward to an open and transparent dialogue with TfL in the coming days to resolve this."

The company is still looking for drivers in London, though, so is clearly confident it's not going to remain legally blockaded for long. [Reuters]