Our Friends at TechRadar Just Went Hands-On With the iPhone X - Here's What They Thought

By Tom Pritchard on at

The iPhone X won't be released until next week, and we probably won't be seeing proper reviews hit the net for a while. Still Apple is letting journalists go hands-on with the device, and our pals at TechRadar were lucky enough to be there playing with the new device. You can check out their thoughts here, but if you don't feel like it we've got a few quotes to tease you with.

On the phone:

The iPhone X is one of the most exciting phones released this decade – but not because it offers anything particularly innovative or new.

It’s exciting because it’s the most radical redesign of an iPhone yet, tying together a number of key trends in the industry and adding in a level of polish that will attract legions of Apple fans to upgrade, and spend another couple of years in the iCycle.

On the display:

Right – let’s get down to the new stuff, and when you pull this phone out on the train you can be sure of one thing: it looks entirely different to anything that’s come before from Apple.

It’s rare that we see Apple jumping on a trend this early, but 2017 has been the year when the bezel has begun to disappear from the smartphone, and the iPhone X has jumped emphatically aboard that train.


On the design:

The new iPhone X is easily, easily the best-looking phone Apple's ever made. We were fans of the industrial design that heralded the arrival of the iPhone 4, and the curved lines of the iPhone 6.

But it feels like the new phone takes all of those ideas and smashes them into the future. If there's one thing that's pervaded the iPhone age of Apple it's the laser-focused thinking on design, and the iPhone X takes that on.

On FaceID:

The demo we were shown was a little worrying, though. In the demo on stage the first phone failed, and when it was shown to us the person linked to the phone kept having to to turn the display off and on again to activate the system.

When held at the right distance, it worked well and quickly, but we saw plenty of missed unlocks in our time with the phone. Apparently it'll learn your face as time goes on, but this is something we really need to test out to make sure it's easy to get into your phone.

On the camera:

While there are upgrades this time around – a telephoto lens like that introduced on the iPhone 7 Plus is included, as well as optical image stabilization for both sensors so you've got a clearer and brighter picture whichever mode you're in – it's depth sensing that steals the show.


If the planned effect of the iPhone X was to wow with its display, it’s certainly done that. The colors are just so vivid on the all-screen front, and it truly feels like you’re holding one of the iPhone concepts we wrote about years ago.

Check out the full iPhone X hands-on here.

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