Police Force's New DIY Logo Gets a Kicking

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poor old Lincolnshire Police thought it did a good thing in saving public money by whizzing up a new logo in-house at the cost of a few hundred quid, instead of paying some idiots in London with the expensive new Macs £50,000 to do it. But no, everyone thinks the DIY text-based logo with its random blue swoosh is a terrible creation.

The main problem seems to be how generic the new logo is, perhaps resembling the box art of a teleconferencing system, or the sign that sits outside a local facilities management business. It certainly doesn't say DYNAMIC CRIMINAL CATCHERS that's for sure, it says something more like WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME IN THE OFFICE ON POWERPOINT, or WE OWN AND KNOW HOW TO USE A LAMINATOR.

There's still a proper old silver badge option that'll be used on uniforms, though. No one's going to be made to wear this on a hat. [BBC]