Police Had to Destroy a 'Suspicious Package' Outside North Korea's London Embassy

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last night was a bit exciting in Ealing, but not in a good way. Police were called after a suspicious package was spotted outside of the North Korean embassy, which ended up with a controlled explosion being carried out.

Officers were called to the embassy, which is housed in a seven bedroom house, at around 8pm last night. Roads were closed off and the surrounding houses evacuated while the situation was assessed. The package was destroyed at around 9.30pm, after which it was confirmed that it wasn't actually that suspicious.

Police confirmed that the measures were taken as a precaution, but roads have since been opened the the neighbourhood returned to normal. Well as normal as it possibly can be with North Korean diplomats living at the end of the street.

North Korea's London embassy is a bit... odd to say the least. When you think of diplomatic embassies you might think of the grand building surrounding Hyde Park that cost a hundred times more than the average London house. But North Korea's is just an unremarkable looking detached house in Ealing. Admittedly it has seven bedrooms, but still.

Though as I write this Editor O'Malley is showing me a bunch of embassies from poorer countries to prove that North Korea's isn't that exceptional. Still, someone shares a garden fence with North Korea, and presumably has to go round to tell them to keep it down on Kim Il Sung's birthday.

If you fancy wasting some time today, you can do what I've been doing and checking out the building on Google Street View. It's a bizarrely normal building for one that belongs to one of the world's weirdest countries. If I were a skilled burglar, I probably wouldn't think twice about taking a peak inside. That would be a weird and possibly terrifying situation to find yourself in. [London Evening Standard]

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