Pornhub is Launching a New Site Mode for Visually Impaired Users

By Tom Pritchard on at

The internet is basically made of porn, as most people will be aware. The downside is that people who don't have perfect vision aren't able to enjoy it as much. So Pornhub has gone and optimised its site with the goal of making its site more accessible for use who suffer from vision impairments. Specifically those who are blind, have low vision, or are colour blind.

The new 'Visually Impaired' mode includes things like enlarged text, customised colour contrasts, keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation, and alternative image text for image descriptions. It also improves functionality for anyone using screen-reading software.

According to Pornhub it was designed according to the best accessibility practices laid out by the World Wide Web Consortium, alongside consultation with visually impaired members of the Pornhub community who also helped test the platform. Pornhub promises to continue optimising the new mode, and ensure the users get the experience they require to enjoy the site's content.

This new initiative is being championed by Pornhub's philanthropic division, called Pornhub Cares, which has launched a number of similar things in the past. Last year Pornhub Cares launched a Described Video Category (SFW) which features audio descriptions for the site's top-performing videos.

The new visually impaired mode can be activated here, but remember that it's seriously NSFW. Once the features is live (it isn't at time of writing) you'll also be able to activate it in one of Pornhub's drop-down menus.

Sadly I can't figure out how to turn it off again, which is a shame for anyone wanting to check the new mode out. Then again, that means visually impaired users don't have to worry about the site reverting to normal without warning.

So there you go! If you or anyone you know has some sort of vision impairment, but still wants to enjoy a regular dose of smut, Pornhub has your back.

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