According to PornHub, We Do More Than Talk Like Pirates on Talk Like a Pirate Day

By Kim Snaith on at

19th September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so on Tuesday all across the globe people were talking like pirates. Turns out though, it's not just talking like the scurvy seadogs that people enjoy, oh no. They also enjoy "other" pirate activities. Like pirate porn.

I'm serious. While you may not think pirate porn is actually a thing — or maybe you're a big fan; hey, I'm not judging — on Talk Like a Pirate Day, PornHub saw a 367% increase in pirate-related searches. Arrrrrrr mateys.

The most popular search term was just the simple "pirates", with "Pirates of the Caribbean" coming second. (People hoping for a little Johnny Depp flavour, perhaps?) Some searches were a little more specific, such as "space pirate sara" or "pirate fetish machine". I've no idea what a pirate fetish machine is. I'm half curious but there's no way I'm googling that.

Men are 40 per cent more into pirates than women, with most searches coming from male PornHub users. It's also the younger generation that are more likely to want to dive dive into Davy Jones' locker ('scuse the pun), with 18-34 year olds carrying out most of the searches. The older you are, the less likely you are to want to watch pirates having sex. That's a scientific* fact. (*not scientific)

See all the insights over on PornHub. Until then, uh, jolly rodgering. (Sorry.)


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