Posties Bribed to Steal Bank Cards and PIN Letters

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC has gone deep undercover into the world of red polo shirts, with an investigation finding that gangs of fraudsters are trying to bribe postmen and sorting staff up to £1,000 a time to nick credit and debit cards and their followup PIN letters while they're in transit to their new owners.

The investigators say they spotted online adverts that attempted to recruit wayward Royal Mail staff, with one journalist deciding to respond to the advert to see what happened. And yes, a bloke met with him and told him to expect to see a pair of letters, one for the card and one for the PIN, heading off to a home days apart. If the rogue postman could slip both of them into his pants unnoticed and forward them on to the fraudster, the £1k bounty is then paid. Hopefully in cash and not a cheque in the post.

UK Finance, a group that represents the banks and payment service operators in the UK, says it logged 11,377 case of cards being stolen in transit in 2016, so it's clearly something that happens — whether or not it's posties or sorting staff doing the palming off the Royal Mail won't say. [BBC]

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