Poundland Has Launched a Brand New Range of £1 Sex Toys

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you're out shopping you tend to have a list of stuff you need. Milk, bread, fruit and veg, stuff like that. Well Poundland is hoping to sell you something a little bit different the next time you pop in to buy some dirty cheap produce. The discount chain has just launched its own range of sex toys, and before you ask yes they are all £1 each. Oh and there's herbal Viagra as well.

The new Nooky range hits shelves today, and products on offer include vibrating finger tips, cock rings (some of which also vibrate), lube, and 'vitality supplements' designed to help men and women better enjoy their sordid encounters. Though this isn't the first time the chain has done something like this. In the past it has released a vibrating bullet that also cost £1.

Apparently the average sex toy costs £23, so the whole point of is to help people 'be intimate' without having to spend a small fortune on fake genitals. It probably helps that a high-street chain suddenly stocking sex toys is guaranteed to get plenty of press attention.

Poundland also wants to end more sex-based stigma with the range, having performed some market research that found 68 per cent of women feel embarrassed going into shops like Ann Summers. That's why the Nooky range comes in small discreet packaging. Apparently men are a bit different, with 25 per cent admitting they'd happily buy a sex toy as part of their weekly shop. Though I'd hope that they wouldn't need to do it every week, you'd hope even a £1 gizmo would last a bit longer than seven days.

So if you've ever wanted some sort of device to help get yourself (or your partner) off, you don't need to spend massive amounts of money. Just head to your nearest Poundland and grad a few while you buy some half-flat warm coke. [London Evening Standard]

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