Renault's Car of the Future is Also a Spare Room for Your House

By Gary Cutlack on at

Renault has released a load of concept images of a car it calls the Symbioz, an all-electric (obviously), self-driving (obviously), connected vehicle (obviously), that when it's not being driven is designed to be hung out in like tent, small caravan or a little loft room (randomly).

The Symbioz idea is that it can integrate with housing, although how it might do that with a second-floor bedsit that used to be the main house's laundry cupboard we're not too sure. The glossy concept images show it parked inside the architect-designed glass house of a tech billionaire, but for us normals the key use here is swinging the seats about so it can be sat in like an emergency living room when you can't face the walk to the house, even though it's the year 2030 and walking has been replaced by being carried everywhere like a baby in the arms of a drone (automated kisses on the forehead while you travel an extra £7.99 month).

Ah but that glass house is also part of the Symbioz  concept, as Renault thinks links between smart cars and smart homes will be stronger and more commonplace by the year 2030, when drivers will be able to have their cars tell their houses what to do. Although when the likes of us can afford a secondhand one in the year 2042 most of it will have stopped working. Nice seats, though. [Autocar]

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