Roads Department Gamifies Throwing Rubbish Out of the Car

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lazy people who throw rubbish out of car windows are in for a treat should they drive around certain spots in the north of England, as the roads department is testing a thrilling new type of bin. It's like a big old ship's funnel, into which drivers-by are encouraged to casually throw their rubbish.

It's bright orange, too, making it easy to see. Whether the soft, unathletic arms of serial litterers are likely to be able to hit it is another matter, although Highways England thinks it's a great idea -- and there's even a higher version of the orange rubbish funnel for lorry drivers to throw their pork pie wrappers and pornography into.

If you want to be one of the first people to try and fail to get a Burger King milkshake cup into one of them from a moving vehicle, the first one is appearing at Lymm services on the M6. Better be quick, though, as it'll soon be buried under crisp packets, plastic sandwich casings and coffee cups.

A spokesperson for Highways England told The Times that: "The funnel bins make it easier for drivers to dispose of their litter responsibly without the need to get out of their vehicle," although anti-litter groups say that it normalises the process of chucking stuff out of cars, so is a bit silly. [The Times]

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