Robots Will Take Over the Classroom in 10 Years, Apparently

By Kim Snaith on at

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Sir Anthony Seldon, has made a grand statement to say that traditional teachers will be all but redundant in the next ten years. Instead, the brunt of their work will be carried out by "intelligent machines".

He says that programmes are already being developed in Silicon Valley that'll be able to pick up on individual children's learning styles. It will be able to understand facial expressions and "read brains" of students to be able to give every member of the classroom a tailored learning experience that works best for them.

Sir Seldon anticipates that such technology "will open up the possibility of an Eton-style education for all". He also reckons that the advent of robot teachers will mean classes will no longer be separated into age groups, and the teaching will be so effective that only a third of the school day will actually be spent in the classroom.

While educational robots are definitely something to expect atĀ someĀ point in the future, I think within 10 years may be a little optimistic. I mean, my microwave still can't cook a ready meal without it still being frozen in the middle. I don't think we're quite ready to trust machines to shape the minds of our future generations just yet. [Telegraph]

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