Ryanair is Cutting Passengers' Hand Luggage Allowance

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ryanair has announced that it will no longer be letting passengers take two pieces of hand luggage onto its planes, in order to try and ease delays.

At the moment Ryanair allows passengers to bring one regular-sized piece of hand luggage to go in the overheard bin (max size 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and one smaller bag like a handbag or laptop bag that goes under the seat in front (max size  35cm x 20cm x 20cm).

The airline says that too many passengers are abusing the policy, attempting to bring on bags three times larger than the allowed size. Apparently this causes delays, so the new changes are coming in from November.

If you want to take both bags on board you'll need to pay an extra £5 for priority boarding, and apparently you'll incur the same fee if you try and take a wheeled bag into the cabin. Anyone not willing to pay priority boarding will have one of them put in the hold at the gate, but since Ryanair is so kind passengers won't be charged for the privilege.

The airline claims that it's a "victim" of its own "niceness", because it let passengers bring on the second bag free of charge.

That's my reaction. At first I laughed that Ryanair thought it was a nice airline, then I realised if the way Ryanair has been up until now is "nice" what does not being nice look like?

To be fair to the company, it has promised to lower check-in fees (£35 to £25) and increase allowances (15kg to 20kg) to encourage more people to put bags in the hold. Now it'd be nice if it could scrap all the extra bullshit fees all together. I mean look at them. £50 to check in? The fuck is that about? And why have they decided €1 = £1?

Kenny Jacobs, Ryaniar's Chief Marketing Officer, seems to be playing the victim angle, revealing that these new plans will cost the budget airline £46 million each year. So we should all be grateful that Ryanair is so nice to us passengers, and doesn't tell us we can't actually take any luggage at all.

[Ryanair via BBC News]

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