Sainsbury's Tests Shopper Honesty With DIY Checkout App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sainsbury's is combining the two things we love -- looking at mobile phones and buying doughnuts -- into one convenient product. It's testing an app that lets shoppers pay for their goods entirely by smartphone, skipping the hellish world of the supermarket checkout system altogether.

The Smartshop app has already been tested in one of the supermarket's branches in Euston, with the chain clearly finding that it didn't lead to wholesale theft of lunches and magazines; so it's rolling it out to another 50 locations across the country in the near future. And the app's freely available if your shop allows it.

As you might be able to guess of its workings, barcodes are scanned in on phones, with the app keeping a tally of the total and letting shoppers check themselves out by paying within the app too. Should people prove they can be trusted, it could lead to the end of the dreaded till altogether. [Smartshop via Retail Gazette]

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