Scotland's New Bridge Closes... For Opening

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scotland's new Queensferry Crossing road traffic bridge is to close this weekend, but it's not broken or anything. The cars are being made to go away again so that people can enjoy a walk over the 1.7 mile river bridge.

That's an exciting thing for building and transport enthusiasts, as the new road bridge doesn't have a pavement or any pedestrian provision, and will be officially classified as a motorway soon, so this is likely to be the only time anyone's going to get to walk across the thing, apart from a few drunken solo crossing attempts that are inevitably going to be made around Christmas time.

As such, it's going to be quite busy when it's opened to human traffic for a couple of days. Around 50,000 visitors and 10,000 locals have been invited to enjoy a walk across the river this weekend, before the Queen turns up in a posh car to officially open the bridge on September 4. [STV]

Image credit: Twitter