Severed Hand Causes Road Closure

By Kim Snaith on at

A driver travelling along the A19 near Stockton spotted what he thought was a severed hand just lurking in the central reservation. Naturally, you'd be more than a little disturbed at seeing a disembodied limb lying there, so police were contacted and the northbound lane was closed.

On closer inspection though, turns out that the severed hand was nothing more than a very realistic-looking prop. Ho, ho, what japes. The Cleveland and Durham police shared the 'gruesome' tale on their Facebook page, and naturally, the jokes started rolling in from commenters.

"Do you need a hand?" one said. "That's handy," quipped another. "The officer who found it should give himself a pat on the back!" "Did the armed police respond to this incident?"

My favourite, though, has to be the groan-worthy "Is this going to be recorded as a terror-wrist incident?" [Facebook]

Image: Cleveland & Durham RPU via Facebook