Sniffer Dogs Trained to Find USB Sticks and Gadgets go on Patrol

By Gary Cutlack on at

USB sticks containing the plans of terrorists or the grim and illegal porn stashes of paedophiles are no longer safe, thanks to a couple of detection dogs that have been trained to sniff out the nice plasticky smell of warm electronic devices.

In service now with Devon and Cornwall Police, the two dogs -- Tweed and Rob -- have been given the official job title of Digital Storage Detection Police Dogs. That's several ranks higher than Good Boy and presumably comes with many treat benefits.

The dogs are also a bit like freelance mercenaries, as as well as helping out in Devon and Cornwall they've been called in to assist detect criminal activity in Essex, South Wales and North Yorkshire, helping in the carrying out of over 50 search warrants where digital material and hidden mobile phones were being hunted.

Force dog instructor PC Attwood said: "We have already seen some really fantastic results from these two dogs. Tweed on one warrant indicated that something may have been within what looked like a coke can. This was then inspected by a search officer and discovered that it was actually a money box which had a number of SD cards hidden within it." [Guardian]

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