Storm Brian is Coming This Winter

By Gary Cutlack on at

It seems a bit silly to call the small windy evenings we are occasionally ruffled by "storms" given the crisis in the US at the moment, but that's what the Met Office calls them so who are we to argue? And the weather watchers have hit the news today by revealing the thrilling list of names our local storms are to be known by this winter.

Hopefully we'll have more than one storm (apologies in advance to everyone affected), as the first in the alphabetical list of storm names is Aileen, followed by the might of storm Brian. Yes, some people in Somerset might get flooded out by Storm Brian. Storm Brian will be on the news. We will be told to be careful as Storm Brian is coming.

H is a good one too as if we have that many we'll be cleaning up after Hector, with P for Paul and S saved for Simon. People seem to have given up trying already. There isn't an X, Y or Z, as it's unlikely we'll be battered that much, even with today's mad weather (and those letters are never used in storm-naming circles anyway). [Met Office]

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