That Annoying Bixby Button on your S8 Can Finally be Disabled

By Kim Snaith on at

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8, it also unveiled Bixby - its very own answer to Siri. The handset had a built-in button especially for calling upon Bixby, and Samsung was adamant that you weren't going to use that button for anything else.

Well, it has now changed its mind: the latest update being rolled out to Samsung Galaxy S8 handsets allows you to toggle the button's functionality on and off. It's good news since a lot of S8 owners complained about pressing the button accidentally, and its placement near the volume keys meant it was very easy to do so.

Of course, Bixby itself is not going anywhere - you'll still be able to access Bixby through your phone's menus if you disable the button. This latest update is, presumably, purely to combat those annoying accidental pushes of the button.

It doesn't look like you can programme anything else on the button though, so if you disable its Bixby functionality, you'll just have a button on your phone that does nothing. Maybe that'll be just as annoying to you as a button that summons a virtual assistant. Who knows.

Not everyone has the update yet though - it seems to be random as to what users have it, and like with all phone software updates, it can be down to network providers to push them out. If you don't have it yet and Bixby is the bane of your life, hold tight; the update is on its way to you. [The Verge]

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