The UK Launched a Little Rocket Not Very High

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boldly named Starchaser Industries had a successful rocket launch this morning, firing off its equally posh sounding Starchaser 2 rocket up into... the sky.

It didn't quite make it up into the technical area of the sky known as space, though, which is fine as that wasn't the aim. The rocket made it to around 4,000 ft, which is about where clouds are and not really far up enough to dock with the International Space Station. Still, it was deemed a riotous success for everyone involved, as the aim was to successfully shoot the thing up with a view to testing technologies, getting kids and potential sponsors excited about future launches, and preparing for a future firing of the next size up rocket is has in development, the Nova 2.

It was launched from a Ministry of Defence site in the Otterburn Ranges, Northumberland, after arriving strapped to a lorry with a tarpaulin over it. It would've launched yesterday but no one was in to sign for it. [Starchaser]

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