The Ultimate Lego Experience Opens in Denmark Next Week

By Kim Snaith on at

If you're as much a fan of the interlocking plastic brick as we are here at Gizmodo, you may want to consider booking yourself a flight to Denmark sometime very soon. The Lego House opens in Billund, the birthplace of Lego, on 28th September, and it looks awesome.

Lego House is part museum, part activity centre, and aims to offer something for Lego fans of all ages. It's split into several different zones, including a History Collection — that tells the story of the popular brand — and a Creative Lab where you can let your imagination run free and build something truly spectacular.

The Lego Tree of Creativity on display in Lego House

There are a lot of really impressive models on display in the Masterpiece Gallery, too, where some of the best Lego talents showcase their amazing pieces of work. The Lego House itself is a work of art though, with the architecture being themed around Lego. I'm a little disappointed to see that the entire building isn't made out of millions of tiny bricks — seriously, they've missed a trick — but instead it's shaped like 21 giant classic 2x2 bricks, with a 2x4 brick perched on top. It's a really striking design.

Oh, and Lego House is less than 2 miles from Billund International Airport, so go get yourself a flight booked.

For more information, visit the official Lego House website. [Creative Boom]

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