There's a 3G Version of the New Nokia 3310 Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this year HMD, the company that owns the rights to the Nokia name, released a brand new feature phone that was given more fanfare than its subsequent smartphone releases. It was a 'new' version of the Nokia 3310 that was, frankly, nothing special. Well now there's a new new Nokia 3310, only this one has 3G.

Back when I reviewed the 3310 I noted that it was only capable of communicating via the somewhat antiquated 2G networks. - and a limited number of them at that. That meant it couldn't be used in countries like the US, which uses unsupported 2G bands, or countries where networks have consciously decided to switch off their 2G services. That includes Three right here in the UK, which started shutting down that part of its network in 2010.

2G also has an impossibly slow data connection, which meant the phone really was stuck doing the absolute basics.

But 3G is coming sometime next month, with pricing details TBA, and that's basically it. HMD's press release notes that this means the new model can use in more countries across the world, but it fails to specify any other special features. I can only assume that there aren't any. There is a new colour in the form of light blue, though, for anyone offended by Navy Blue.

The introduction of 3G solves one of the new 3310's biggest issues, and makes it a slightly more appealing purchase for those of you who want a phone that won't run out of battery after a couple of hours. But the new 3310 wasn't anything special, and seemed like a step backwards considering there were older, cheaper feature phones that have a wider range of useful features.

Let's just hope the new model arrives with a lower price tag, otherwise it's still won't be worth it.

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