These are Keys, For a Keyboard

By Gizmodo Australia on at

These matching Shishi and Orochi keys are direct replacements for the boringregular keycaps of any board that uses Cherry MX switches — if you're a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, or even a frequent typist, you'll definitely know what I'm talking about here. If you're theming your keyboard in the first place, you want to put in some effort, right? That's why they're hand-painted, too.

The keycaps themselves were hand-made by Keyforge and painted by Keypress Graphics. You can see on Keypress' site that these tiny artworks fetch an impressive price: the most recent Japanese-themed Empire key sold for $US305, or about $380. That's a lot of cash for a single cap on a 104-key keyboard.

[Spotted on Reddit's excellent r/MechanicalKeyboards]

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