These Rick And Morty Autotunes Will Tide You Over Until the Next Episode

By Gizmodo Australia on at

If you're like me and wish there were way more than one episode of Rick And Morty per week, then you have to find ways to tide you over. Ways to engage with the episode after you've already watched it a few times, and haven't yet had a chance to hang out with people and quote Noon-Noob.

Youtube user Chetreo has been uploading a remix of every episode this season, and they're all pretty ace. Part of that is because the show is so quotable, but we'll let Chetreo take a decent portion of the credit.

It's also amazing how he manages to make these so positive, considering this is - in Rick's words - the darkest season of their adventures yet.

See what I mean?

Noon-Noob would be proud.

And, even though it's not an autotune, why not throw in TerryFolds..

There are about four more episodes left in the series, thankfully. I'm going to need something more serious to tide me over for the long break to come.

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