This Solid Gold iPhone X Costs £53,000

By Gizmodo Australia on at

Apple's iPhone X has just appeared on the market, but there's already a version available to order featuring 250 grams of 22K gold, which costs over £53,000.

The Lux iPhone X Ingot is described by creators Brikk as "a very rare specimen". For a chunk of metal that costs $69,995 (£53,028), you'd hope so.

If dropping a cool £53,000-plus on a phone seems a tad ridiculous to you - congratulations, you're perfectly normal! For those of us who might balk at the higher price tags in the range, don't worry, you can still get one of the lower-end luxe models for an entirely reasonable $9,300 (£7,572).

Or you can pick up a diamond-encrusted one for $62,000 (£37,876) because this is all totally normal.

In the meantime I'll be in the corner weeping for humanity. [Brikk]

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