This Steampunk Jetpack Looks Convincing Enough To Work

By Gizmodo Australia on at

While work continues on real jetpacks, a world of artistic possibilities remains open to talented tinkerers. Take Patrick Laschette, who managed to take a bunch of disparate parts and combine them into this sweet-looking steampunk jetpack.

Although it looks like it might work, the jetpack is 100 per cent prop. Laschette, who describes himself as "an average guy with an regular job... and some crazy ideas", built the jetpack from metal egg cups, drum clamps, upholstery leather, copper pipes and First World War-era brass shells.

Despite being posted on Instructables, Laschette doesn't provide much of a tutorial on building one yourself. However, he is selling the finished product for €666 on eBay, which is around £495. [Instructables]

All images: Patrick Laschette

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