This Steampunk Raspberry Pi Doubles as a Retro Gaming Console

By Gizmodo Australia on at

You can stuff your Raspberry Pi into just about anything, but if you want to draw eyes and solicit comments from visitors or, you know, generally geek out, you could carve up a steampunk-themed enclosure, complete with glowing lights, gears and ornate markings. Like uh, this one.

An Instructables tinkerer going by the handle "jfarro" put together this beauty using a combination of tiny gears — powered by an Arduino no less — rust-coloured spraypaint, LEDs, servos and a 3D printer to craft bits and pieces as needed.

And it's not just a pretty sight. jfarro has set it up as a video game emulator running RetroPie.

Being posted on Instructables, there is a complete tutorial if you'd like to make your own, though results may vary. [Instructables]

Images: jfarro

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