"Try Walking" Say Transport Bosses Ahead of Latest Tube Strike

By Gary Cutlack on at

People in Scotland will be saddened to hear that Londoners are to be mildly inconvenienced on their way to and from work next Thursday, as the Tube network is likely to be taken completely offline by striking drivers. Someone please pass me a tissue.

TheĀ 24-hour strike on Thursday, October 5, by train drivers represented by theĀ Aslef union, will no doubt also make the busses hellish places to be as well, unless you live in Wales or Cornwall, where they will be operating with just one old lady on-board who didn't even pay as usual and isn't really even going anywhere.

And there's even worse news for people in the big smelly town, as there's an England v Slovenia football match on at Wembley in the evening too, meaning that Londoners AND football fans are both likely to suffer. Woe. Is. All. Of. Us.

All Scottish people are currently on one knee in solidarity with their brothers in London. Good luck getting to work next week, you brave little soldiers in your tight trousers and white canvas plimsolls. I'm changing my avatar to one with the tube map overlaid atop to show support. [Standard]