Uber and TfL Schedule Awkward Chat for Next Week

By Gary Cutlack on at

"So Dara, thanks for, er, coming, and, well, it's still quite warm for October, isn't it? I nearly wore a coat this morning but I'm glad I didn't, although I was a bit cold to start off with, but I soon warmed up, that's the benefit of cycling to the office, isn't it? Gets the blood pumping! So anyway, about this massive global fuss. Oh yes, sorry, tea? We have some herbal bags somewhere, I know you tech types are all about the antioxidants as you think you're going to live forever, don't you? Sugar? Oh no, of course not. Silly me. Yes please, Margaret, three for me."

So anyway, there was this massive international scandal about financially secretive unicorn Uber being banned from operating in London last week, although it isn't yet, as it's appealing, and that'll probably drag on for a year or so, and the company has already said it'll bend over any way TfL wants to get its London licence rubber stamped again in the meantime.

Step one of this friends-making process is happening next Tuesday, when Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is scheduled to meet Transport for London's Mike Brown. TfL, still playing it cool, says the meeting was requested by the mayor after an approach was made by Uber, with a spokesperson for the ride-hailing company saying: "Our new CEO is looking forward to meeting with the commissioner next week. As he said on Monday, we want to work with London to make things right." [Guardian]


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