Uber Rival Lyft Has Been Cosying up With London Transport Officials

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lyft, one of the other taxi-hailing apps that's yet to launch in London or anywhere outside of the US, has been having meetings with Transport for London officials. Presumably it's because a London launch is on the cards and not just because everyone fancied a nice day out at the zoo on expenses.

This comes from freedom of information requests placed with Transport for London in the summer, which showed that Lyft executives had several chats with TfL staff. The meetings started with Lyft's Raj Kapoor and Michael Masserman meeting four TfL execs in December of 2016, during which Lyft is said to have demonstrated its business model to London's transport chiefs.

They then had some phone chats before another meeting was attended by TfL's Director of Transport Innovation Michael Hurwitz, along with Kapoor and Masserman, in March of 2017. Maybe they're all just friends with a shared interest in trains? [Reuters]

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