UK Adults Spends More Time on the Toilet Than Exercising

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats charting the health and exercise habits of the nation appear to show just how far in decline we are, with adults apparently spending more time preening and peeing in the toilet than on doing any form of exercise each week.

This unexploded bombshell has been discovered by UKActive, which asked 2,000 grown-ups to describe their exercise regimes and, presumably, their toileting habits. The numbers says we as a people spend three hours and nine minutes in the bathroom on average each week, against just 90 minutes doing any form of thing that could be described as exercise.

Hence we're all likely to die a bit sooner than scheduled from sitting about too much. Speaking of which, an average of 64 per cent of the UK population sits down and still for at least six hours or more every day, which isn't great either if what they say about being sedentary is also particularly bad for our poor body systems.

UKActive's Steven Ward said: "The major health concern here is our lack of exercise, but things like poor diet, lack of exertion and our tendency to play on smartphones in the bathroom are all other factors that are driving this imbalance."

So stop using a poo for an excuse to spend 45 minutes in the bathroom looking at nothing on your phone and start walking about a bit more. [Standard]

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