University Researchers Want Us To Use 'Forgotten' Words

By Kim Snaith on at

Presumably fed up with the youth of today using txt spk and nonsense slang, a team of academics at University of York have dug up a list of old words that they hope to see getting used again.

For instance, maybe you could start referring to your girlfriend as a 'dowsabel' - a sweetheart or lady-love. And if you really want to make her feel good about herself, you could call her 'snout-fair' - essentially meaning good-looking. Just don't go home tonight being 'rouzy-bouzy' though — that's  boisterously drunk — you don't want to tremblable (cause dread).

The researchers have uncovered 30 words altogether, believing that each of them still has plenty of relevance today. Try to slip one into conversation today and awhape — that's to amaze or stupefy — your colleagues.

Here's the full list of words:

Ambodexter: A person who accepts bribes from two sides

Awhape: To amaze, confound utterly

Betrump: Cheat/deceive

Coney-catch: To trick, cheat, dupe

Dowsabel: lady-love, a sweetheart

Ear-rent: the figurative cost of talking someone's ear off

Fumish: Inclined to fume, passionate, hot-tempered

Hugge: To shake with fear or cold

Hugger-mugger: secrecy or concealment

Losenger: A person who deceives/falsely flatters

Man-millinery: Male vanity

Merry-go-sorry: being both joyous and sorrowful

Momist: A harsh critic

Nickum: a cheating/dishonest person

Parget: To plaster the body with paint/powder

Peacockize: pose or strut - i.e. behave like a peacock

Percher: a social climber

Quacksalver: a person who dishonestly claims knowledge of medicine

Rouker: Someone who whispers/murmurs; someone who spreads rumours

Rouzy-bouzy: drunk and disorderly

Ruff: swagger, domineer. To brag or boast

Sillytonian: a silly or gullible person

Slug-a-bed: someone who sleeps in late

Snout-fair: fair-faced, handsome

Stomaching: full of malignity/anger

Swerk: to be dark, troubled, sad

Teen: To anger or annoy

Tremblable: to cause dread/horror; something that's dreadful

Wasteheart: an expression of grief, disappointment or concern

Wlonk: fine, magnificent, proud [Sky/BBC News]