Unsolicited Sainsbury's Chocolate Delivery Sickens Dogs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some people at Sainsbury's supermarket -- in association with posh chocolate brand Green & Black's -- thought it might be nice to jointly advertise both brands by sending out free chocolate to a random selection of homes. Everyone loves free chocolate, they thought. Nothing can go wrong. We'll be heroes.

But things did go wrong. A number of the unsolicited cardboard boxes of chocolate were delivered to homes with pet dogs, dogs that thanks to their supernoses quickly realised there was something vastly tastier than dog food in the box and tore open the cardboard to scoff the lot.

The problem being that large amounts of chocolate can sicken dogs, and with far worse results than the self-hating bloat humans feel after eating all the chocolate within a 50m radius. Symptoms reported by dog owners whose pets had eaten the packages included vomiting and mass diarrhoea, with some pets requiring vet treatment as a result of their posh choc treat. [Sky News]

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