Unsurprisingly, Monkey Loses Photo Copyright Fight

By Kim Snaith on at

Way back in 2011, photographer David Slater snapped some photos with a bunch of macaques in the Indonesian jungle. After spending some time with the monkeys, one of them cheekily picked up his camera and snapped a photo of itself.

In 2015, animal rights activist group PETA decided that, since the monkey took the photo, the copyright should belong to it, and not David Slater. They took Slater to court, acting on the monkey's behalf, claiming that any and all revenue made from the image should belong to the monkey.

Today, two years later, the case has finally been closed. Judges have ruled that copyright protection can't be applied to a monkey, and so PETA's appeal has been dismissed. Why it's taken two years to come to that conclusion is beyond me.

In a gesture of goodwill though, Slater has agreed to donate a quarter of all revenue generated from the image to charities that aid the welfare of the monkey in question. [BBC]

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