Urbo Joins Race to Litter Bikes Around London

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bike sharing social news of the day involves a company called Urbo, which has announced a plan to start leaving its own brand of dockless, GPS-enabled, remote-unlockable bicycles around a part of London.

There are two bits of important information to know about this. First, Urbo says it has actual approval by the council of Waltham Forest to do so, and the council is so happy about the development it's even supplied a quote from a man for the press release. So they should be there for the long term, and not ordered to be taken away when people start complaining about bikes being left everywhere.

The other bit of important news is that the approval only applies to the Waltham Forest district of East London at the moment, so no getting on one, smashing it up Shooters Hill and dumping it in Greenwich.

Urbo has decided that green is the colour it's using to differentiate itself from the other bike sharers, with its cycles using a similar system to orangey Mobike to operate. There's an app which points you to bikes, then unlocks them with a PIN or scan of a QR code, charging as little as 50p per half hour of use. You then leave it somewhere without the horror of it being stolen, because it's not yours and people taking them is sort of the idea. [Urbo]

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