Weather Forecasters Share £1m for Being More Right Than Usual

By Gary Cutlack on at

Staff at the Met Office are all a bit richer today, on average, thanks to a bonus shared among staff for being quite accurate with their weather forecasts and hitting in-house accuracy goals.

The bonus pot of £1,017,013 equates to around £330 per staff member on average, and with the Met Office being funded by public money, it's sort of like a state payout. Some of the accuracy enhancements may come from the fact that it recently blew £100m on a supercomputer to crunch weather pattern data, so maybe someone will treat the helpful machine to a de-dusting as a thank you too. Perhaps give it a restart, too, and install those updates it's been asking for for the last six months.

A total of £4.8 million was revealed by an FOI request to have been set aside to meet the Met Office's performance related pay obligations, although some of this consists of held back salary payments that are later released when forecast accuracy meets other targets. [The Times]