Wetherspoons Protests Tax By Giving Everyone Even Cheaper Food and Drink

By Kim Snaith on at

Ah, J.D. Wetherspoon. Not exactly the hallmark of quality, but it is the one true home of the Cheap Night Out.

On 20th September, for one day only, that night out is about to get even cheaper: Wetherspoons is cutting its prices by 7.5 per cent in a bid to support Tax Equality Day. That means your beer and burger combo that'll usually set you back £5.95 (depending where in the country you are) will now cost you £5.50. Hey, every little helps.

Spoons aren't alone in supporting Tax Equality Day, either. The idea of the occasion is to protest the current UK tax law that forces pubs and restaurants to charge 20 per cent VAT on all food and drink. Plenty of other pubs will be joining in and also offering that 7.5 per cent discount in an effort to permanently lower the rate of VAT.

Who knows if they'll succeed, but it's a cause that'll benefit everyone — and hey, if nothing else, we can at least have a cheap knees-up on Wednesday 20th September. [Manchester Evening News]