When Do You Reckon It Will 'Feel Like' The Future?

By Gizmodo Australia on at

It's 2017. It's supposed to be the future. Flying cars, hoverboards (not that kind) and robot maids should be the norm by now.

Does it feel like the future for you already? I mean, Gizmodo Australia's Amanda Yeo predicted a bunch of stuff that exists today. Or are you still waiting for that elusive advancement in technology?

When do you think we will get the technology that makes it feel like we are truly living in the future?

A recent survey conducted by IT training firm CBT Nuggets revealed a few interesting bits of information about how different generations see the possibilities of "future" technologies.

Millennials didn't think self-driving cars would be standard until 2034, and that the hoverboards we may have been promised by 2015 in Back to the Future: Part II wouldn't hit the shelves (or our feet) until 2032.

Things most generations felt were the closest to becoming a reality included devices charging through WiFi (2020, according to Baby Boomers), printable food (2020, according to Gen Xers), and the unanimously feared swarms of drones (2022, according to Baby Boomers).

Technology that was the furthest away? Cryogenic hibernation (2099, according to Gen Xers), a real-life Iron Man suit (2061, according to Millennials), and flying cars (2059, according to Millennials).

Of course, some generations were a little more optimistic. Gen Xers said they expected the Iron Man suit by 2043, and Baby Boomers expected to fly around in cars by 2036. [Source]

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