Wonder Woman Blu-Ray Launches in Spectacular Fashion

By Kim Snaith on at

Blu-ray launches aren't exactly exciting events. Or at least, they're not usually. A new blu-ray will appear on shop shelves, and that's about it. Warner Bros. wasn't having any of that when it came to the American launch of Wonder Woman on blu-ray though, oh no. Hundreds of brightly-lit drones took to the skies of Los Angeles to spell out "Wonder Woman" before forming the Wonder Woman symbol and a silouhette of the woman herself.

Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman's director, shared some footage via Twitter:

Anyone who's ever tried to fly a drone knows how hard it can be to not crash spectacularly into a tree, so to synchronise something as intricate as this must have taken a lot of work — and some very nifty programming. I can't stop watching it; it's mesmerising.

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