Wonky Office Block Wins Worst Building of 2017 Award

By Gary Cutlack on at

Congratulations of the ironic kind are due to the architect behind the Nova Victoria office block in London, which has been crowned the worst building of 2017 by this year's Carbuncle Cup assessment team.

The office part of the building, a sort of wonky red and silver thing that looks like someone's stepped on an internal part of an electric car, was designed by PLP Architecture. The triangular-ish site in London's Victoria area was described as a "hideous mess" by judges, who bemoaned such a stupid building being allowed to be erected in a highly trafficked and central part of the city.

Judge Catherine Croft said: "Nova should have been good as it's a prestige site. It makes me want to cringe physically. It's a crass assault on all your senses from the moment you leave the Tube station."

Wonkiness was definitely a theme this year, with the bizarre tumbledown woodshed aesthetic of the new Preston Station entrance also making the shortlist of architectural horrors. [Building Design]