Yes, The iPhone 8 and iPhone X Do Support Fast Charging — But It'll Cost You £75 Extra

By Kim Snaith on at

How annoying would it be to spend a thousand pounds on something and then find out that the advertised features don't actually work unless you spend even more money? Hello, iPhone X.

If you want to use the fast charging feature that's advertised for both of Apple's new handsets — the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 — you're going to have to buy a couple of adaptors to allow it to work, and they'll set you back £75.

As Tom reported during Apple's event coverage earlier in the week, Apple "quietly" introduced fast charging support by sticking it at the end of a list of features. It was phrased as "fast charging capable", which, granted, infers that it's not possible straight out of the box, but this explains why Apple was keen to brush over the topic.

Both handsets come with a Lightning port, and the box will, presumably, include an adaptor to convert that to a standard USB connection. But to use fast charging, you need a USB-C connection. That means you need to buy a cable that first converts USB-C to Lightning, and then, unless you already have one from a newer gadget, a USB-C power adaptor. Presumably you'll not want to risk blowing up your £1,000 handset by buying a cheap version from eBay, so the cable and plug will set you back £25 and £50 respectively from Apple.

I mean, fast charging is nice and all — especially considering just how short a battery life iPhones generally have — but is it worth extra faff and an extra £75? I suppose that's up to you to decide. [Techradar]

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